I’m only sightly embarrassed to admit that I was a downright mess until I learned these methods and techniques for changing the way that I personally interacted with money, wealth, and the material world around me.

It didn’t matter that I was a professional, Certified Hypnotherapist…

It didn’t even matter that I went to an expensive school (which I dropped out of)…

Or that I grew up in a decent home with parents who made more money than most of the rural families around me…

Because until I discovered these hidden “Poverty feedback loops” and replaced them with Wealth and Abundance triggers, I was stuck in debt, working six days a week… And my mind and emotions were so controlled by stress and panic that money (and my lack of it) was all I could think of.

This session is different from most of what we’ll send your way, because, well, it’s your first one with us! (unless you’re already on part of our tribe of Hypnosis Enthusiasts, in which case you may have already had this session, in which case you can re-enforce it by signing up again if you desire).

Most of our sessions are simply uploaded to YouTube and posted here on the blog so you can see and hear our Hypnotists whenever you choose, converse with them in the comments, meet other Hypno-curious and Hypno-avid people and review what you’ve experienced any time you want.

However, this session is actually scheduled in (you’ll register for a private session in a moment).

I like this way of introducing you to our particular brand of Hypnosis because it removes all the distractions and focuses you in on the task at hand.

Now, without further ado, let’s get you on my calendar so you can absorb your free session, and re-wire your brain for Prosperity & Abundance (The New Hypnotist’s Way!)

-Tellman Knudson C.H.
Founding Member of The New Hypnotists