10 simple steps to self hypnosisAre you prepared to be Hypnotized… by yourself?

I’ve got a really simple self-hypnosis “How To” for you, but first I’ll let you in on why I’m putting this guide together:

More and more, people are deciding to learn Self Hypnosis. (It’s no mystery why). And I want to provide the best information out there on it. Here’s why self-hypnosis is in demand right now:

 First off, Hypnosis in the therapeutic sense is not cheap. Expect to shell out between $250 and $500 per session… And not without good reason: A good Hypnotherapist can help you make permanent change, and they can help you get into Hypnosis deeper and faster than you may be able to go on your own.

On the other hand, Self hypnosis is easy to learn, and worth the small investment in time because each time you practice self-hypnosis, you’ll go further down, and the deeper you go, the better it works.

Self-Hypnosis can help you reduce stress, feel more confident, sleep better, focus better and feel more calm and relaxed in everyday life. And learning Self-hypnosis is so easy, that you can start with just this article. There are much deeper and more purposeful ways to go into self-hypnosis but these ten steps will get you a real taste of what it’s like:

“Self Hypnosis Step #1:
Schedule in an hour at home, and make sure your friends and family won’t disturb you during that time. Early morning and late night work well for many people, but find what ever time you can and block it off as “Self-hypnosis time”.

“Self Hypnosis Step #2:
Set up your space. Find a comfortable seat, preferably not lying down so that you don’t completely fall asleep (That can happen if you go really deep into self-hypnosis, so be sure you won’t fall over or slump onto the floor).

Get your body ready for an hour or so of self-hypnosis: Use the bathroom if you need to, and get yourself a glass of water in case you get thirsty. You may want to put on some soft relaxing music in the background if that helps you get into self-hypnosis faster.

“Self Hypnosis Step #3:
Relax. Self-hypnosis works best when your mind and body are free of tension, irritation, and stress. So allow yourself to relax by taking three deep breaths and holding each one for just a second before letting it go.
“Self Hypnosis Step #4:
Close your eyes and imagine that with each breath you take, your body is filling with relaxation, and with each exhale you’re breathing out stress, tension and irritation.

“Self Hypnosis Step #5:
Relax your body from head to toe. As you relax all the muscles in your head and neck, let your head fall forward and rest on your shoulder or with your chin on your chest. Continue to relax the muscles in your body from top down, so that you slowly begin to slump like a rag doll.

“Self Hypnosis Step #6:
Deepen your relaxation: First, you’ll visualize, picture, or make believe that there’s a beautiful staircase leading down to a beautiful place. Imagine the stairs and this special place in any way you like, so long as it makes you feel relaxed and peaceful.

This is where you begin to go fully into self-hypnosis, and it all starts with that imaginary staircase… Imagine you’re walking down one step at a time, and with each step you take, you’re becoming deeper, and deeper relaxed… As you count from 10 down to 1, your relaxation DOUBLES at each step…

“Self Hypnosis Step #7:
When you reach the last step, you can walk into the beautiful place in your imagination. This is the beginning of self-hypnosis – it may feel like you’re a little bit dizzy or lightheaded. This is normal. This place can be like a dream if you want. It can change and shift as much as you like.

“Self Hypnosis Step #8:
Imagine in this space that there is a wall with locked cabinets. Each cabinet or drawer contains something you want in life. Make believe that you are wandering the special place you’ve created and you find an important key – it may look like a skeleton key, or a house key, a car key or even like no key you’ve seen before…

Walk over to the wall of locked drawers and notice which drawer is glowing. Use your newfound key to open that drawer.

“Self Hypnosis Step #9:
Imagine that the drawer is filled with a glowing mist that surrounds you and becomes a part of you – and as you imagine the glowing mist surrounding you, use positive affirmations to suggest the change or improvement that you want to see in your life.

For instance you might say: “I find cigarettes disgusting and I value my health” instead of “I don’t want cigarrettes now because I don’t want to die” or “I am becoming more relaxed, calm, and comfortable every day” rather than “I’m not such an up-tight, anal-retentive jerk anymore”…

(I used two of my own self-hypnosis suggestions as the example there if you couldn’t tell)…

Now imagine yourself in new circumstances and picture how you’d act now that your behaviors and habits have changed.

“Self Hypnosis Step #10:
Awaken yourself. Coming out of self-hypnosis is easy. Imagine that you’re going back to the beautiful staircase and walking up that staircase one step at a time.

With each step you come further out of self-hypnosis, and you become more alert, aware, awake and full of health and vitality. Once you reach the tenth step at the top, you can open your eyes and get on with your day!

Every time you practice self hypnosis, you’ll find you can go deeper. It will be easier and faster to get into self-hypnosis each time you do it, so practice your self-hypnosis skills daily! 

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