dr scott lewis

Dr. Scott Lewis

I’m writing today with very sad news. The saddest of anything I could mention.

My friend, fellow Hypnotist and leader of the profession – Dr. Scott Lewis has passed on from this life.

I heard about this last night in an email.

He spent the last several years preforming as a Stage Hypnotist on Norwegian Cruiselines and recently started a new gig… Most recently, his show was due to open in Sydney, Australia – when the worst happened.

Apparently, he plummeted to his death from an 11th story balcony…

The details have yet to be released, but the full article is here:

Scott spoke for The Hypnosis Event and The NLP Event – and he and I had connected on a personal and professional level – I am saddened not only for myself, but for the Hypnosis Profession as a whole.

We lost one of the good guys.

Though I’m not close with anyone from his company, organization or family – I will let you know how to support and celebrate this amazing Hypnotist as soon as possible.

In the meantime, do what you can to tell a Hypnotist in your life how much you appreciate what they are doing for the world.

Hypnosis changes lives – and anyone who has dedicated their life to the study, practice and art of Hypnosis deserves recognition and applause.

Dr. Scott Lewis – you will be remembered.

Reply below with your kindest words to Dr. Scott and his loved ones.