About Tellman

Tellman Knudson is a Certified Hypnotherapist who has helped over 1 Million people transcend their problems in life to become happier, healthier and wealthier. Put him in your circles on Google + to get invited to private Hypnosis Hangouts.

Tellman Knudson, CHT is a founding member of The New Hypnotists, and he charges over $5,000 for the same kind of sessions that he gives out freely here on TheNewHypnotists.com. Be sure to re-watch his sessions to re-enforce the Hypnosis, because these sessions are too good to gloss over!

Newest “Secret Weapon” Of The Ultra Successful May Surprise You (Learn In 3 Minutes 44 Seconds)

In this 3:44 video from Big Think, Dan Harris makes a convincing case for the Next Big Thing when it comes to getting an edge over your competition in the future…and it may not me what you think. Watch now: He makes an interesting point near the end of his talk about happiness as […]

The Number One Key To Abundance (In Under 10 Minutes)

Step One: Watch this amazing video… Step Two: Take what he says seriously, and take a moment to look around you and appreciate the amazingness that is right in front of you, even if it’s just your eyes and how they turn images into information for you 24 hours a day… Why? Because the first step in […]

Wish You Were Here: E3 Hits It Out Of The Park!

This past weekend in Glastonbury, Conneticut Tellman Knudson, Josh Burns, Mike Purvis and 6 more Founders of The Mastermind held the first official E3 Event, and it was a resounding success! Goals were set, minds were melted (with hypnosis) and everyone walked away with a 10-step Action Plan to hit their BHAGs this month… […]

How To: Create Your Own Reality (In A Single Step)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of Jason Silva’s inspiring “shots of awe” videos. So just to get you revved up today, and focused on creating the reality you want from this moment on, here’s a new one: I really liked what he said in that video about “mediating […]

Hackschooling 101: Not Just For Kids

Watch this inspiring 11 minute TED Talk video by a 13 year old and find out what “hackschooling” is and why it could be the new hope for keeping kids creative, flexible-minded, and inspired to create a better, brighter future. Then join our discussion below to find out why the idea of “hackschooling” doesn’t […]

Can Stress Actually Kill You? Watch This 3 Minute Video

Oh sure, stress is one of the things everyone likes to complain about… Like the weather, or like facebook, stress just seems to be an unavoidable annoying consequence of being human in the modern world. But is it really all that bad? Well, watch this video and we’ll let you decide… Ok, so if […]

How To: Overcome Fear Of Failure In 15 Minutes

What’s the one deadly thing that can stop even the smartest, most talented of people from achieving their goals? Fear of failure. If you suffer from this condition, you are not alone! However you don’t have to let it stop you anymore. Watch this 15 minute hypnosis video and enjoy a relaxing, amazingly effective […]

Jim Carrey: One Minute That Could Change Your Life

Can a 1 minute,  1 second video change your life? Only if you take it seriously: It’s true: this guy can be really funny when he wants to. But as this clip from Jim Carrey’s commencement speech at a university in Iowa shows, he can also be deadly serious when it comes to following […]