About Tellman

Tellman Knudson is a Certified Hypnotherapist who has helped over 1 Million people transcend their problems in life to become happier, healthier and wealthier. Put him in your circles on Google + to get invited to private Hypnosis Hangouts.

Tellman Knudson, CHT is a founding member of The New Hypnotists, and he charges over $5,000 for the same kind of sessions that he gives out freely here on TheNewHypnotists.com. Be sure to re-watch his sessions to re-enforce the Hypnosis, because these sessions are too good to gloss over!

Hackschooling 101: Not Just For Kids

Watch this inspiring 11 minute TED Talk video by a 13 year old and find out what “hackschooling” is and why it could be the new hope for keeping kids creative, flexible-minded, and inspired to create a better, brighter future. Then join our discussion below to find out why the idea of “hackschooling” doesn’t […]

Can Stress Actually Kill You? Watch This 3 Minute Video

Oh sure, stress is one of the things everyone likes to complain about… Like the weather, or like facebook, stress just seems to be an unavoidable annoying consequence of being human in the modern world. But is it really all that bad? Well, watch this video and we’ll let you decide… Ok, so if […]

How To: Overcome Fear Of Failure In 15 Minutes

What’s the one deadly thing that can stop even the smartest, most talented of people from achieving their goals? Fear of failure. If you suffer from this condition, you are not alone! However you don’t have to let it stop you anymore. Watch this 15 minute hypnosis video and enjoy a relaxing, amazingly effective […]

Jim Carrey: One Minute That Could Change Your Life

Can a 1 minute,  1 second video change your life? Only if you take it seriously: It’s true: this guy can be really funny when he wants to. But as this clip from Jim Carrey’s commencement speech at a university in Iowa shows, he can also be deadly serious when it comes to following […]

Free Hypnosis Session: Break Through Your Money Blocks!

Wow! I have to tell you, we got an overwhelming number of responses to our question, “What’s Your Biggest Money Block?” last week…apparently we really hit a hot button! Well, we hear you. Today, right here and now, let’s do something about it: I’ve just created a very special, brand new free hypnosis session specifically […]

Poll: What’s YOUR Biggest Money Block?

This post is all about YOU. I want to hear what YOU have to say today, not me :-) So please, once you’ve watched the video, take 30 seconds to fill in the following two steps, and I will respond by creating the PERFECT hypnosis sessions to blow away those money blocks once and […]

How To Do Quantum Jumping: Your First Experience

In this relaxing and highly enjoyable hypnosis video Burt Goldman leads you on a first-hand experience of Quantum Jumping. I suggest you close your door, get some headphones and make sure you will be undisturbed to get the full experience: What was your experience like? Write your comments below, I would like to hear […]

The Hypnotist Who Traveled Between Dimensions [Quantum Jumping: Part I]

This is the first episode of a 2 part series in which we will meet Burt Goldman: master hypnotist, co-creator of The Silva Mind Control method, and discoverer of Quantum Jumping: a way to locate and learn from your “genius self” in other dimensions. If all that sounds incredible, keep in mind that Burt […]