About Tellman

Tellman Knudson is a Certified Hypnotherapist who has helped over 1 Million people transcend their problems in life to become happier, healthier and wealthier. Put him in your circles on Google + to get invited to private Hypnosis Hangouts.

Tellman Knudson, CHT is a founding member of The New Hypnotists, and he charges over $5,000 for the same kind of sessions that he gives out freely here on TheNewHypnotists.com. Be sure to re-watch his sessions to re-enforce the Hypnosis, because these sessions are too good to gloss over!

Happiness? There’s An App For That (10 Minute TED Talk)

In this fascinating, high-speed TED Talk Matt Killingsworth describes what happened when he deployed an app for testing happiness…and what he learned about the #1 thing that makes humans happy (or not, as the case may be). Watch his 10 minute TED Talk video now: Were you surprised by what Matt found with his […]

Hack Into Your Flow State (3 Minutes)

In this mind-bending video National Geographic host and Shots of Awe creator Jason Silva talks about “the flow state” and what might happen if we could tap into it at will for enhanced experience and performance. Watch it for just 3 minutes and think about the possibilities: So imagine what would happen if you […]

The First 10 Minutes Of Your Day: Make Them Count (Like This)

What do you do in the first 10 minutes of your day? Are you on autopilot, or do you do something intentional? Watch this beautiful 3 minute video about “The Most Astounding Fact In The Universe” and then join me below to find out why I posted it this morning… So why did I choose […]

Change Your Life In 5 Minutes: Stop Fooling Yourself Out Of Success (Anthony Robbins)

Step 1. Watch this spot-on video where Anthony Robbins shows you how you are fooling yourself out of success and how to stop doing it on an hourly basis (hint, you’ve probably done it 3 times today already): Step 2. Train your brain to do the exact opposite automatically using the Success Switch today […]

The Mirror Trick: How To Use Auto-Suggestion For Success

In this 6 minute video, Steve G. Jones reveals a trick he uses to achieve success (that you can even use when you travel) including the right and the wrong way to do it: Want more? If you like what Steve G. Jones said about success in this video, you’ll LOVE our number one […]

The $20 Test: Are You Programmed To Succeed?

In the beginning of this great TED talk, Carrie Green does an experiment that graphically shows the central reason most people never succeed at their goals…and how to overcome it to become who you want to be: Are you ready to erase the programming that’s currently holding you back, flip the switch, and program […]

Technology: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Ready to get excited about the possibilities? Watch this video (it’s less than 2 minutes long)… Now, think about this. What exactly is technology? I think for some, the very word “technology” brings to mind some big, sprawling mechanical monster, poised to eat humanity whole, to suck out our lifeblood and render us soulless […]

The Puzzle Of Motivation: Everything We Thought We Knew Is Wrong

In this riveting TED talk, Dan Pink makes a case for why everything we think we know about motivating people to achieve success is wrong – and then reveals the one thing that actually works. Watch this important video now (and you’ll also get the secret to the candle problem)… Why is this TED talk […]